gag-gle noun \ˈga-gəl\ : a group, aggregation, or cluster lacking organization, which is exactly how I feel about my family every day.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Liam turns 7!

Yesterday was Liam's birthday.  He turned 7 years old!

Here are some things about him:

favorite color is blue, green, purple and pink . favorite food is mashed potatoes . likes to collect pokemon cards . enjoys his break dancing class . loves to play with his best friend, George . likes to look sharp/dapper and tuck in his shirts . very good at imaginitve play . get frustrated when he can't do somthing well the first time (we're working on being patient with himself and understanding that some things take a lot of practice) . enjoys school and excited to be a second-grader! . Learning to be more independent and do things for himself- like make his own lunch . loves the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie books . Always carrying around (and losing) his favorite things (currently his fidget spinner and pokemon cards) . Enjoying drawing more and more . favorite activity is playing with friends . favorite subject in school is math . loves his elephant blankie . wants things to be fair (for him) . Such a sweetheart!

We love you, Liam!  Happy birthday!

For Liam's birthday, he got to open presents before Daddy went to work so that he could play with his new things all day.  He went to his best friend's house, and then chose Leatherby's for dinner so he could get his own banana split!

Liam an Reese got a split and shared with Mama and Daddy, but both of them at too much ice cream and got sick.  I felt bad for them, but at the same time I felt like this was a good lesson- there IS such a thing as too much dessert!

About a week later, We had Ice cream cake with the Fabers.  Liam asked for a pokeball ice cream cake, so I joked that instead of singing "Happy Birthday" we were going to sing the entire original Pokemon song.  My siblings thought this was a great idea, so that's what we did!  My family is so nerdy-cool!

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