gag-gle noun \ˈga-gəl\ : a group, aggregation, or cluster lacking organization, which is exactly how I feel about my family every day.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Birthday, Reese

Reese turned 7 today!

favorite food is pizza . wants to be a restaurateur when she grows up . loves to draw . fashion conscious . likes school . favorite cereal is Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs . likes to organize the shelf in her room with all her trinkets . doesn't like veggies . smiles and laughs a lot . likes to read . favorite color is green . Daddy's girl . still afraid to go under the water . curious and smart- asks lots of great questions . messy . likes to help out . can't wait to be big enough to not sit in a booster seat . likes video games . likes math . likes to use the scissors for craft projects and leave tiny paper scraps all over. sings . wants a skateboard . 

Reese's birthday was on a Friday, but school recently started and she wanted to ride a scooter to school instead of walk, so she was allowed to open one present early.

On her birthday, we ate pizza, and then invited Heath's over for some cake and ice cream and a few more gifts.

Reese wanted a minion cake.  I feel compelled to note, for those that aren't familiar with minions, that minions love love love bananas.  That's why there is a pile of bananas on the cake.

Happy birthday, Shareese!  You are loved!

Liam First Day of School

Liam had his first day of Kindergarden this week.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Reese First Day of School

Reese started school last Wednesday!

She is in second grade.

Summer fun

Crazy hair and chalk art. 


Found: Small brown dog in my yard.

Wait a minute.....

Nevermind, it's just Peach

Living Room Paint Job

The latest installment in our effort to make our house not as dark!