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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Shareese's first Primary Talk

Reese gave her first Primary talk today!  It was about President Thomas S. Monson's experience with setting a fire to teach the principle of obedience.  She used a felt board to illustrate and she did great!  I had her do it again when we got home so that we could record it.

When President Monson was growing up, each summer his family stayed at a cabin in Utah.


 One morning, President Monson and his friend Danny
(add 2 BOYS)
Decided that they wanted to clear an area in a nearby field so they could have a camp fire.

(add GRASS)

They began to pull out the grass, but it was taking a long time. President Monson said to Danny, “all we need is to set these weeds on fire. We’ll just burn a circle in the weeds!”

President Monson’s parents had warned him about how dangerous fire is. He knew that he was not supposed to use matches without a grown-up around. But he knew where the matches were and he took them without asking.


He was careful to make sure no one was watching when he took them. He ran back to Danny and they set the grass on fire.

(add FIRE)

At first, President Monson and Danny were excited that the weeds were burning up so quickly

(Turn grass from GREEN side to BROWN side)

 but soon they realized that the fire was not going to go out on its own. They panicked when they realized there was nothing they could do to stop it.

They ran for help. Soon many people were running back and forth with things to put out the fire. 

(Add 3 PEOPLE and BUCKET and HOSE)

It took hours of work to get the fire completely out.

(take off FIRE)

President Monson says that he learned several difficult but important lessons that day. One of the lessons was the importance of obedience.

There are rules to keep us physically safe. Heavenly Father also has given us commandments to help keep us spiritually safe so we can return to Him. President Monson hopes that we will all keep the commandments and be obedient so that we can be blessed with the rich rewards Heavenly father has promised those who obey him.