gag-gle noun \ˈga-gəl\ : a group, aggregation, or cluster lacking organization, which is exactly how I feel about my family every day.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shareese Birthday Party

Reese wanted a science birthday party this year.  Not gonna lie, I had a bunch of fun putting this one together.

Our house became the "Shareese Birthday Lab".  Safety first, the kids had to put on a lab coat and get an I.D. badge before coming in, and had to put on safety glasses while we did experiments.

The kids got to color their I.D. badges, make molecules out of a chemistry modeling kit, and watch a little Bill Nye while we waited for guests to show up.

Then we had 5 experiments:

Sink or float: we practiced making hypotheses and then testing to see if we were right about what would sink and what would float.

I made sure the kids knew that you don't ever eat or drink in a science lab, and has some labels made up special for some of our chemicals:

Colored Milk:  We watched some cool color swirls as we observed the interactions of molecules

Slime:  We talked about states of matter and then put a bunch of liquids together that formed a slime that had properties of both a liquid and solid!  We talked about why that is.

Elephant toothpaste:  We talked about a chemical reaction and then got to see it in explosive action!

Bubbles:  We talked about water and surface tension, then experimented with different things to see what kinds of bubbles we could make. I had a big batch in a kiddie pool so there was plenty for everyone to play with.

Then we had beaker cake and presents and the kids got to take home all their sciency stuff!

Thank you so much Gramma Leah, Aunt Shelly and Uncle Matt for helping with this party!

And happy birthday, Shareese!

Shareese's Birthday

Shareese turned 8 on the 28th!  She's now a giant!

Here are some things about her:

Wants to be a scientist when she grows up . keeps her room messy . likes to go to school . sweet big sister, even when we have bonus siblings . likes to read . likes to draw . big enough to pack her own lunch and scolds me when I try to do it for her . can't ride a two-wheel bike . likes math . walks to school . likes to play with Legos . just learned to swim this summer . Stays up late to read and thinks we don't notice . good at asking questions and curious about a lot of things.  still sucks her thumb . good memory . enjoys her alone time . enjoys family time .

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Inside Jokes

So my family likes to find unique or fancy pants words.  "Penultimate" is one of our favorites, so I feel like I have to keep a record of penultimate sightings.  Or hearings.  or something.

I beg to differ, Jared Padalecki.