gag-gle noun \ˈga-gəl\ : a group, aggregation, or cluster lacking organization, which is exactly how I feel about my family every day.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Will and I got sick at the same time and my amazing mother took the kids for two days to give us some recovery time.  Reese and Liam went swimming, and then had, from what I understand it, a really long super fun bath with cousin Lila.  Do I spot bubbles? Yeah, so glad they could be entertained while Will and I were out of commission.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Liam's Birthday

Today Liam turned 3 years old.
Liam LOVES cars, trucks and trains.  He is struggling to finish up potty training and I'm starting to lose hope that he will be fully trained by the start of preschool next month.  He speaks in full sentences and knows some rather big words.  He likes to climb on the playground.  He likes to read books- he likes to be read to but will also sit at times just to look at the pictures.  If he's been quiet for too long I know he's either "reading" or pooping.  He is learning to put on his clothes all by himself, and frequently wears shirts backwards.  He likes to watch shows, but we are cutting the frequency of screen time by tying it to potty training.  When he's happy he's super happy.  When he's upset he's super upset.  He's a loving Mama's boy, but beginning to prefer Daddy more often.  He still doesn't know his colors, but he sure tries. He's polite except when it comes to sharing toys.  He's a wonderful little man.

For his birthday he opened gifts with his immediate family and then cousins, aunts and uncles came over to eat cake and play.  The grown ups played card games while the kids played with new toys.

Now, without further ado, pictures:

Happy Birthday, Liam! We love you so much!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Conversation with my Girl

Reese:  (Playing with toy instruments) Mom!  Can I get the bells (my not-toy instrument) out!
Me:  No, honey, we're not getting the bells out.
Reese:  But they're already out!
Me: we are not taking them out of the case.
Reese:  What case?
Me: the case that the bells are in
Reese: But what case are they in?
Me: Reese, bottom line, we are not getting the bells out.
Reese: What's the line on the bottom?
Me: (facepalm) We are just not getting the bells out.
Reese: What bells are you talking about?
Me:  I think we are done with this conversation.