gag-gle noun \ˈga-gəl\ : a group, aggregation, or cluster lacking organization, which is exactly how I feel about my family every day.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I was not going to dress up for Halloween this year, but then there was a costume contest in my organic chemistry glass, and the winner got an extra point on the next exam, so I figured it might be worth it to throw something together.

To the average Joe I'm a bear.  To a chemist, I'm something slightly more specific.

When a molecule has polarity (slightly electric positive or negative regions), you write it with a lowercase delta and the polar charge.

Notice anything?  I'm a polar bear!  I still don't know if I won the contest.  Votes hadn't been tallied by the end of class.

Liam got to be Loki again, this time with the up-coming Thor Ragnarok movie as the inspiration.  We kind of meshed up a combination of the costumes he wears in the movie to get our version. I bet you can't even tell which one below is Loki or Liam

(PS, neither Loki nor Liam are levitating knives, they're flipping them.  Cool.)

Reese is really into cats lately, and wanted to be a black cat.  She and two of her friends all dressed up as cats together.  It must be popular this season, because Reese tells me she counted a total of 19 cats at school today!

I think she's one cute cat!  She even did her own makeup.

And here's a black cat gif to make things even.  Also this may or may not describe the way Reese behaves when she's pretending to be a cat.

Friday, September 1, 2017


Had a great time with my Dad at Lagoon.  He invited me as his plus one for a company party.  It was awesome because we went on all the big rides, ate some lunch, and went home before we were too tired.  And we saved the wet ride for last, which turned out to be a great idea!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Reese's Birthday

Shareese turned 9 today!  Here are some things about her:

Favorite colors are orange and black . favorite food is ramen . Book worm . likes soccer . prefers to do things herself rather than wait for help . walks or rides bike to school . likes cats . eats like a bird . silly and sarcastic . likes to build forts in the living room . struggles to keep her room organized (says she likes the piles of stuff like books) . good at practicing her piano . working on memorizing times tables and reminds me to practice them with her . thinks about her future as a grown-up and is already making plans . likes cute stuffed animals . favorite subjects in school are science, art, and math . likes to listen to Imagine Dragons . likes to play Minecraft and watch "Dragons Race to the Edge" on Netflix . hates brushing her teeth . likes cute shoes . does chores without being asked so she can have screen time . artist .

Today she got a ride to school (so she didn't have to carry the 30 juice boxes she brought with her birthday treat all the way!), got to go to a friend's house right after school, then came home, opened presents, and got to pick where we ate for dinner (Golden Corral), came home and read Harry Potter with Mama and Liam before tucking into bed to do some more reading before lights out.  I realized we forgot to measure her (she grew almost 2 1/2 inches this year) and take a picture, so she got out of bed to do those things (in her pajamas)!  

Love you, Baby Girl!  Happy birthday!

The Friday after Reese's birthday we had the Heath cousins and family come over to have ice cream cake with us.  When Reese heard I was doing an ice cream cake for Liam's birthday, she pictured a cake with ice cream on top.  When she saw that Liam's cake was actually a "cake" made out of ice cream, she asked for what she had pictured in her head for her birthday.  We did the ice cream cake, but this time, it was just topped with ice cream sundae stuff.

Monday, August 21, 2017

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for the kids.  Reese is starting 4th grade and Liam is in 2nd!

We rode walked/biked/scootered to school with friends

Liam had a hard time and was very nervous.  He got a little teary when he couldn't find his class' line to get into the school.  I reminded him that I was there and even if he missed the line, I could take him inside.

The first day of school also happened to be the day of the "Great American Solar Eclipse".  It is an eclipse that will have totality viewable from one American coast to the other.  Where we are at was a 90% eclipse.  It was awesome, but I still feel bad that we didn't make the drive up to Idaho to see totality.

Eclipse glasses- check!  These sold out everywhere earlier last week.

Making crescent eclipse shadows!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Liam turns 7!

Yesterday was Liam's birthday.  He turned 7 years old!

Here are some things about him:

favorite color is blue, green, purple and pink . favorite food is mashed potatoes . likes to collect pokemon cards . enjoys his break dancing class . loves to play with his best friend, George . likes to look sharp/dapper and tuck in his shirts . very good at imaginitve play . get frustrated when he can't do somthing well the first time (we're working on being patient with himself and understanding that some things take a lot of practice) . enjoys school and excited to be a second-grader! . Learning to be more independent and do things for himself- like make his own lunch . loves the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie books . Always carrying around (and losing) his favorite things (currently his fidget spinner and pokemon cards) . Enjoying drawing more and more . favorite activity is playing with friends . favorite subject in school is math . loves his elephant blankie . wants things to be fair (for him) . Such a sweetheart!

We love you, Liam!  Happy birthday!

For Liam's birthday, he got to open presents before Daddy went to work so that he could play with his new things all day.  He went to his best friend's house, and then chose Leatherby's for dinner so he could get his own banana split!

Liam an Reese got a split and shared with Mama and Daddy, but both of them at too much ice cream and got sick.  I felt bad for them, but at the same time I felt like this was a good lesson- there IS such a thing as too much dessert!

About a week later, We had Ice cream cake with the Fabers.  Liam asked for a pokeball ice cream cake, so I joked that instead of singing "Happy Birthday" we were going to sing the entire original Pokemon song.  My siblings thought this was a great idea, so that's what we did!  My family is so nerdy-cool!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

More Stuff

Some Summer Fun

Made hats at the Uta Arts Festival

And found an R2-D2 statute, hand made

Oh, and I want to give a shoutout to my favorite Artist we found there.  I'm going to get some of his paintings when I'm ready to decorate our family room:

This is Bernadette.  She's having a bad hair day. 
The artist is Richard Lorenz and his paintings remind me of the whimsical James Christensen paintings we had in my childhood home. And They are so fun!

We went swimming

With friends

And to a Real Monarchs Soccer game

Which, by the way, was intense and awesome

We played with cousins

South Carolina

Our first activity of summer break was to fly to South Carolina and spend the week in a house by the beach with family

We visited a lighthouse

We got photos on the beach

We played with cousins

And make shapes in the sand

We stopped at an East coast frozen custard joint

We went to live music in the park, where we also got balloon animals (or swords) and face paint.

We played with Gramma and Grampa

And did a lot of driving...

And flying

And had a blast!