gag-gle noun \ˈga-gəl\ : a group, aggregation, or cluster lacking organization, which is exactly how I feel about my family every day.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Science Smart Aleck

My daughter is such a smart aleck.  She was working on her science project, which included three tests of water with different temperatures (hot, room temp, and cold), and I told her she needed to label which is which.  She thought this was a terrible idea, because she already knew which was which!

I was insistent on teaching her good scientific technique, though, so I told her she had to label them anyway. (The voice of Adam from Mythbusters is always in my head when I'm sciencing.)

I saw Reese cutting out some paper with a scowl on her face after suggesting sticky notes, but being informed that they "flip up" and are therefore impossible to use.

 But later I went to check on the project only to find zero labels, I called out to Reese:  "I thought I asked you to label your experiments!"
"I did!" She called back.

I checked 350 degrees around the tests, and even scanned the rest of the counter to make sure I wasn't missing something.  Nope.  "What are you talking about?!" I called to her again.  She came into the kitchen to show me.

Okay, Ms. Passive-Aggressive!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Twelve Years?!

Happy Anniversary, Hubby!

I'm still so glad that I picked you.  I sure got lucky.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Family Pictures

Thanks to my sister Nikenzie, we got some family pictures taken!

Last year I wanted to get some family pictures, but I didn't think we needed anything too fancy, so I figured we would just coordinate our Christmas outfits (the kids get a fancy outfit to wear to church around Christmas each year) and get a family member to take a photo.  I chose the colors red and gold because I figured they were Christmas-y, but not overtly Christmas-y so that we could hang the photo on the wall all year round.

Part of the outfits were matching ties for Liam and Will with red and gold stripes.  I didn't think about it, but when they wore the ties to church everyone else noticed that the ties were obviously Gryffindor ties.  Will was continually asked if he was Harry Potter.  I was surprised, but immediately owned that title.  Yep.  Totally meant to get matching Harry Potter ties. And that's why we now ready Harry Potter as a family, so Liam knows what people are talking about.

Even though it wasn't really planned, this year we had to continue the theme- so our coordinating colors are green and silver- Slytherin!


Christmas was on a Sunday this year.  Since Will is the Bishop and I'm in the church choir, we all went early to church and didn't have much time to open gifts in the morning.  I told the kids there would be time for one gift before church, and then when they opened that gift I told them they could look in their stockings if they got all ready to go before it was time to leave, which worked out ok.

Both Reese and Liam had moments of jealousy that made me question why we even do gift-giving, but they ended up recovering and we were able to have a mostly pleasant day.

We did our traditional graham cracker gingerbread houses

And then went to visit family.  It was a Faber year, so we had dinner with my parents


Then Will packed up the kids and our dessert buffet to have dessert with his family.  When I was a kid I remember one of the exciting things about Christmas was that all the neighbors would share gifts of goodies with each other, and we would end up with a counter full of sweets.  This was the first year that I felt that excitement again. Except this time it made me feel loved rather than hungry.

Meanwhile, I stayed at my parents house as my sisters gave a harp concert.  It was beautiful!  They are so talented.

School Christmas Sing-Along

It's elementary school sing-along time! Except I don't know why they call it a sing-along, because the kids were the only ones singing.  It was more like a musical performance

Reese made sure to wear the cat-ears headband she accidentally stole from Gramma Leah.


Liam was super excited to see that I came to watch him, and I was super excited to see how excited he was to see me!

(Video file too large, I'll see if I can trim it down)

Christmas Pageant

Pictures from the annual Heath family Christmas pageant!

Some Stuff

Liam peeled potatoes for the first time today.  He loved mashed potatoes, so I decided it was time that he learn how to make them.  

After he peeled, I cut, and he got to do some mashing when they were all cooked up.

And also we gave each other foot rubs because both of our feet were aching.  Too much running around, I guess.