gag-gle noun \ˈga-gəl\ : a group, aggregation, or cluster lacking organization, which is exactly how I feel about my family every day.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Reese and Liam both entered their first science fair this school year.

Liam wanted to do an experiment on rocks and crystals, so we did some research and visited different locations to get different kinds of rocks. Then we cracked them open to see what was inside.

Reese did an experiment to find out why there was always a puddle of water around her cup when she left it out on the table.  Her research indicated that water in the air can turn to liquid water if the temperature changes, so we set up an experiment to see if we could get the water to condense around her cup.

She did awesome!

Summer time E Z Bake oven brownies

We're into making our own mixes so we don't have to buy them.

And they turned out great!

Liam is taking break dancing

And seems to really like it!
I like that they are teaching him the history as well as the moves.

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